At Vanpac we aim to provide a safe, strong and functional vehicle conversion with components that feel like factory fitted options. The quality and integrity of these components ensure your safety and the safety of those in your care. A modification to any vehicle needs to be done with these principals at the forefront of the decision making process, combining well thought out strategies for functionality and aesthetic value.

Working closely with our clients, Vanpac has developed solutions for sedan and van modifications and configurations. Our experience means that if you want something that is new to us, our staff have the patience and the know how to do what it takes to produce what you require.

Testing our systems, meeting our compliance requirements and gaining our certification accomplish Vanpac’s aim for excellence. We endeavour to assist you with making a choice and producing the right outcome for your situation. Your vehicle’s wheelchair tie downs and occupant restraint system must meet exacting standards when tested. Vanpac works with industry veterans to test our products and comply with State and National standards.Not only because it’s required, but because we put your safety above everything else.

Vanpac is the trusted name in vehicle modifications for people with varying levels of ability. We have done countless modifications for businesses and individuals alike, each one with its own unique outcome.

We use only
the best componentry

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