Lowering Turning Seat bases provide the ultimate solution for easy access to higher seated motor vehicles. Allowing the car seat to swivel out through the door opening and lower to a suitable height for transfer to and from the vehicle. Eliminating the need to climb and twist into the vehicle, it’s reliable, comfortable, safe and easy to use.  It does this by either repositioning and modifying the factory seat onto the new base (this doesn’t always work due to height clearance) or installing a specifically designed lower profile seat.

There is an automatic function proving easy single press operation. The programmed function means the movements of the seat are customised specifically to the vehicle and to optimise space for the user. the added benefit of the closed door mode permits the base to be automatically moved forward and back when the door is closed.

Vanpac are specialists at designing and installing turning seats.

Available Appointment on May 23, 2024

  1:00 am – 7:30 am1 space available