Car manufacturers cannot cater for everyone, but we can. Understanding the client’s needs and requirements is the first step in installing a wheelchair lifter into a vehicle.  Once the type of wheelchair lifter is chosen (refer Wheelchair Lift tab) the next step is to design the location of the wheelchair chair tie downs  andrestraint system. This will depend on the number of wheelchair occupants, the type of wheelchairand the travelling location of the occupant. In the case of only one wheelchair in the vehicle, it is preferable to be closer to the front of the vehicle as opposed to the rear, as the ride is smoother.

Some wheelchair conversions on larger vehicles and buses require significant modifications to allow wheelchair access. This can include cutting through the side of the vehicle to accommodate the lift and fabricating a door which is seamless and indistinguishable as a modification. We specialise in this type of work and are very proud of the outcomes we have achieved.

If there are further requirements to meet, ie client to staff ratios for NGOs, we have the experience and the design team to fulfil this in a timely manner. Custom and bespoke works are our specialty and we welcome all enquiries.

All wheelchair conversions must comply with the requirements of the following Modification codes;

R2: Wheelchair loader installation, referencing AS3856.2

K5: Installation of Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint System, referencing AS/NZ10542.1

Safety always comes first, and combining usability with aesthetics isn’t always easy. Vanpac’ s mission is to bring accessibility with safety to everyone. We do this by turning the complexity of what you want and need, into considered and smart solutions.

No matter what the wheelchair conversion, mobility modification or alternate seating configuration you need, we can help. We are able to design and install wheelchair lifters to most vehicle makes and models with thorough planning and communication with you.

Vanpac is a specialist in engineering and fabricating market leading products which are built to last.

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