Child restraint anchorages (CRA) are required for both families and the transport sector, for the safe securement and subsequent transport of babies and young children.

Vanpac has designed, fabricated and tested child restraint anchorages for different vehicles, most recently for the new Toyota HiAce Commuter build from 2019. This vehicle has 3 anchorage points from the factory, this an ADR requirement as the seating capacity is 12 seats, a reduction from the previous model which had 14 seats.

The extra positions available are the LHS 3rd and 4th row, and the RHS 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th row inboard seats.

The construction and testing procedure is in accordance with the Vehicle Standard – Australian Design Rule 34/03 – Child Restraint Anchorages and Child Restraint Anchor Fittings 2017.

The installation of Child restraint anchorages must be in accordance with VSB14, and requires a QLD modification plate attached with the LK6 modification code nominated as necessary.

When you are securing the most precious cargo of all, you can feel safe that all Vanpac child restraint anchorages are designed and built in our workshop, and exceed the stringent testing required.

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